Winter Pest Control Can Save You Money

Preventive pest control is all about cutting off a problem before it has time to develop. By taking a preventive approach to pest control in and around your home, you can stop an infestation that may pose a biological hazard or cause damage to your home. In this way, preventive pest control saves you money. However, there’s a simple preventive step you should be taking during the winter months that could save you even more money. It’s time to give your home a once over — inside and out — and save yourself some cash during the colder months.

Are There Cracks and Openings Around Your Home?

It’s a good idea to evaluate the state of your home every couple of months. Walk around the outside of your home and the inside to examine the walls, windows, doors, and roof for any signs of damage. Maybe your door frame isn’t quite sealing properly. Perhaps a crack around your window frame has formed. These small openings create an opportunity to let pests in, but they also let warm air out. Damage to your home could actually make your house less energy efficient, which can result in higher utility bills as the weather gets colder.

Making Light Repairs to Your Home Saves You Money

If you notice any small bits of damage, you may be able to repair these things on your own. A little bit of caulk can seal up a window frame. Fixing a leaky pipe may only require replacing a single valve or ring. If the damage to your home is too significant for you to repair on your own, well then you should probably call a professional anyway! Making these regular maintenance repairs isn’t just about cosmetics, they can prevent pest control issues and keep your home energy efficient. These are great reasons to take stock of your home’s health.

You May Want to Create a Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Staying in front of home repair issues takes a little bit of effort, but the monetary payoff can be great. To help you stay organized, you may want to create a preventive maintenance schedule. Research how long certain building materials or fixtures can be expected to last, so that you know when you’ll need to make a repair or a replacement. You should also schedule time to visually examine your home — every couple of months will work — for any signs of a developing problem. You can bring in the experts if you need to.

Carmel Valley Pest Control Believes in Preventive Practices

Our team of pest control professionals believes that preventing a pest problem is more efficient than solving one. Preventive pest control practices, home inspections, and regular maintenance can stop major issues from developing in and around your home. To schedule service, contact Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838, (760) 736-8838, or (888) 989-8838.