General Pest Control

We will inspect your residential or commercial property, advise you about effective treatments, and then get the job done. We can also set up a regular maintenance program to help you control any pest related problems.

To control these unwanted pests, we provide an effective treatment plan which may include:

  • Exterior Protection – a continuous chemical barrier and/or rodent bait stations around the exterior of your home or building to keep them from entering
  • Direct Contact – as possible, we apply chemicals directly to the pests
    Education and Preventative Step

  • Keeping them homeless
  • Seal cracks and crevices where pests can get into your home.
  • Get rid of stacks of newspaper, papers, bags, and cardboard boxes that make good homes for pests.
  • Keeping them hungry

  • Keep a tight lid on trash cans and empty them often.
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers.
  • Wipe up spills and crumbs right away.
  • Clean your dirty dishes right after eating.
  • Pests thrive on moisture. Keep them from getting to water by fixing leaks and not leaving dish water in the sink overnight.

To schedule a pest control consultation with our experts call Carmel Valley Pest Control today at (858) 350-8838.

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