The Best Pest Control Methods for Roaches Are Preventive

While they may not be the most dangerous or most damaging pest threat to your home, roaches are certainly one of the grossest. The sight of a roach makes some people squeamish, and the idea of an infestation building up your home is upsetting. The best pest control methods for roaches are preventive. If you can take steps to make your home less attractive to roaches, you’ll be far less likely to have a problem. If roaches do infiltrate your home, there are some self-applied pest control methods you can use to reduce the population.

Prevent Roach Infestations by Prepping Your Home

Roaches enter homes because they are in search of food and water. Easy access to these resources makes it easy for roaches to thrive. They can simply hide nearby and wait for the opportunity to take these resources. To prevent roach infestations, eliminate easy access to these resources. Check your home for any leaky pipes. Standing water anywhere inside the home could be drawing the roaches in. Additionally, make sure there isn’t any exposed food lying around. Cover all garbage cans and wipe down your counters thoroughly after any food prep or eating.

Make Sure You Don’t Have Easy Entry Points

In addition to having an attractive home for roaches, you need to offer the roaches a way inside. Roaches need only a very small opening to enter your home, so this part can be tricky. You should visually examine the exterior of your home, as well as the walls, door frames, and window frames. Little cracks can let bugs inside, and treating the infestation won’t do any good if more pests have an easy way inside in the future. Applying caulk to these areas to seal up and repair cracks is a good idea.

Take These Steps to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Home

If you’re experiencing a roach infestation, there are steps you can take to diagnose and address the problem. Use a flashlight to examine popular hiding areas for roaches — underneath furniture, under the stove or refrigerator, behind sinks. If you can determine where the roaches might be hiding, you can use roach glue strips to catch roaches as they travel and determine where the majority of the infestation is coming from. At that point, you can use treatment like gel baits and boric acid powder to reduce the roach populations.

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