Are You Doing Pest Control Right?

Pest control is an effective way to manage pest populations and prevent them from entering your home. It can also be used to remove unwanted pests from inside your home. However, there are certain guidelines that you should follow when executing pest control — especially if you’re going to be performing the pest control measures on your own. Are you doing pest control right? Following guidelines from the EPA can ensure that your pest control methods are effective and safe for the people and pets living inside your home.

Prevention Is Always the First Course of Action

As with anything, preventing a problem rather than having to solve a problem is more efficient. If you can use preventive measures to keep pests out of your home or cause them to leave, this will be the easiest on your home and family. Be sure to fix leaky pipes that you may have, and remove any sources of food residue or garbage that could be attracting pests indoors. You should also look out for pest hiding places — areas of the home that you don’t often clean or use — as pests may hang out in these areas. Many pests love the cover that clutter provides, so be sure to tidy up.

Make Sure if You Use a Pesticide, You Do So Safely

Regardless of what kind of chemical method you may use to get rid of pests in your home, you’ll want to make sure you keep pets and children away from these areas. Controlled pest control methods, like baits and traps, are generally safer than spray and fogging options. Be sure to thoroughly read and follow all of the instructions that come with any sort of pest control method that you may be using around your home. You should be able to find a label on pest control products certifying that they are approved for use inside your home. Following basic safety measures prevents any serious problems for the people inside your home.

After Applying Pest Control, Dispose of It Properly

The pest control process doesn’t end after you use your pest control method. You will still need to dispose of your pest control chemicals properly. Your community may have a hazardous waste disposal program or drop off point. You don’t want to leave potentially dangerous chemicals around your home, because this increases the likelihood of an accident. If you are storing pest control products, only store them in their original containers, and never mix pest control products.

Work with Carmel Valley Pest Control for a Safe Experience

In many cases, you can address a minor pest control issue on your own, but when chemicals get involved, things can get dicey. Working with a trusted, professional team will put you at ease. The members of Carmel Valley Pest Control are courteous, and take into consideration the wellbeing of your family when treating a pest control problem. Schedule service for your home by contacting Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838, (760) 736-8838, or (888) 989-8838.