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Is it Time for a Home Renovation?

Is it Time for a Home Renovation?

For some people, a building project is the stuff of dreams. You have a vision for your home, and with the right plan and a talented crew, you can bring your idea to life. However, home renovations aren’t just for the aspiring hot tub owners and basement finishers. Like a trip to the dentist for a regular cleaning, home renovations can provide the opportunity for preventative maintenance. Spending a little time and some resources now can stifle big picture problems that become significantly more costly. Here are some signs that it might be time for a home renovation.

If You’re Resealing the Same Cracks in Your Home Every Year, It’s Time for a Renovation

Every material is bound to wear over time. It’s always a good idea to check your home for any openings that pests can use to get inside. However, if you find that you’re consistently having to monitor the same entrances of your home year after year, it may be time for some new materials. Worn wood or brick needs a little love to get back to its best, barricading self.

If You’ve Had a Major Pest Infestation, Renovation May Be in Order

If a critter has taken up residence in your attic for a time, or termites have worked their way into your wood frame, you might want to consider a renovation. You’ll want to address the entrance that allowed the pest in of course, but you need to take stock of the damage done as well. Rodents can leave behind copious amounts of droppings that become a breathing hazard for those lawful residents in the home.

Your pest control specialist will likely be able to address these areas with you, but sometimes a rebuild is in order. If you’re not sure whether a renovation is in order, contact an expert for help.

Are You Ready to Plan a Preventative Home Renovation?

Consider the experts at Carmel Valley Pest Control! This talented professionals are skilled, not only in the control of pests in the home, but in preventative construction and building practices as well. Their experts will offer advice and consulting for your next home fortification. If you’re tired of trying to quell invading insects every summer, contact Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838, (760) 736-8838, or (888) 989-8838.


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