If You’re Going to Repair, Should You Renovate?

A crucial part of homeownership is protecting the important investment that you’ve made. Your home is a financial investment in some sense, but it’s also an emotional investment. This is a place where your life happens and you create important memories. Whether it’s your forever home or you plan on selling it some day, you want the house itself to be in good shape. Wear and tear happens over time. When it does, you can choose to repair the damage, or you can choose to renovate your home. Renovations can add value and utility, so how do you know when it’s time?

Home Renovations Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Home renovations can be a real asset to you as a homeowner. For one, you can use a home renovation to give yourself more space or a better floor plan in a particular area of your home, like your kitchen or living room. In addition to becoming a personal gain, your home renovation can increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask yourself, “If I’m going to make light repairs to a portion of my home, should I do a full-blown renovation instead?”

Move Forward with a Renovation if You Have a Vision

This may seem like a pretty obvious point, but it’s not a good idea to renovate your home simply for the sake of a renovation. Not every home renovation automatically increases your home’s value by a generous degree. You should only move forward with a home renovation if you have a vision for a specific renovation project. Your renovation should improve the functionality and esthetic of a certain part of your home. It should also be a renovation that potential homebuyers find valuable. Make sure to consider these factors when determining whether or not it’s the right time to renovate.

Home Repairs Prevent Further Damage and Pest Problems

If your home has sustained some sort of damage, you should definitely at least repair said damage. Damaged home exteriors can create vulnerabilities. Missing shingles or stripped siding can open up the potential for damage on the inside of the home. These bits of damage also create a literal opening for pests like insects and rodents. Repairing the damage to your home isn’t just a matter of esthetics, it has a real practical purpose. You may not want to take on a full renovation for your home, but at least repair any damage you find.

Carmel Valley Pest Control Can Help with Repairs and Renovation

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