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Here’s What Ants Want from You and Your Home

Here’s What Ants Want from You and Your Home

There are certainly pest populations that cause more destruction, but there are few pests that cause quite the level of frustration that ants do. Ants multiply quickly, appear from seemingly nowhere, and refuse to leave your home on their own. Once ants get inside, they stay inside, until you do something about them. Why have ants chosen to bother you and your home? There may be certain things you can do to prevent your home from looking like such an attractive option to ants. Here’s what they want.

Ants Want Food for the Whole Family

If you’ve ever looked an ant hill before, you know what a huge population ants can create. The visible part of the hill and the hundreds of ants you see crawling around are actually only a fraction of those present in the colony. If you have an ant hill right outside your home, you’ve got a threat. Eventually, those ants are going to start foraging, and if they find easy access to food inside your home, they’re going to bring their family. You can help curb this problem by ensuring that all of the food in your home is carefully sealed. Don’t leave dirty dishes out, and make sure that trash cans are covered at all times. You don’t want to encourage ants to come inside.

Ants Want an Easy Way Into Your Home

Ants are tiny, obviously. They don’t need much room to work their way into your home, but you can at least make it a little difficult for them to get in. If you notice gaps between your door and door frame, or chipped window frames, these are easy entry points. If ants don’t even have to make it off the ground to start galavanting around your home, you’re asking for trouble. Make light repairs to your home to eliminate any easy ways into your property. When you take away these easy entry points, you at least discourage hordes of ants from making the journey.

Ants Want You to Ignore the Source of the Problem

When you see an ant in your home, one of the worst things you can do is immediately crush that ant. It might feel good in the moment to rid a pest from your home, but the direction that ant is traveling is more valuable information. If an ant is inside your home, it’s finding a way in. You need to determine the source of the ants by tracking the invader to an entrypoint. Then, you can make the proper repairs to keep ants out. This can also tell you where to place ant traps.

Stifle Your Ant Problem with Carmel Valley Pest Control

Ant baits can curb small ant problems in your home. Big infestations usually call for some backup. Carmel Valley Pest Control can help you rid your home of ants and protect it from future infestations. If you need professional pest control for your home, contact Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838, (760) 736-8838, or (888) 989-8838.


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