Track Ants to Stop Them at the Source

Track Ants to Stop Them at the Source

Ants are one of the most annoying pests of all. While they may not pose a serious health risk, they can still overwhelm your kitchen and ruin your food stores. Thankfully, you can track ants to stop them at the source of their entry.

You may be a world-class hunter that can track an animal for miles across the Alaskan Bush. You may have a keens sense of smell and an even keener sense of direction. Even if you don’t, you probably understand enough about tracking to follow the path of an ant. It’s actually pretty simple, but being able to follow the path an ant is taking through your home is extremely valuable when it comes to eliminating these bugs. Killing ants individually will never prevent the problem.

Ants Enter Through the Exterior and Find Usable Paths for the Colony

Of course if you find a single ant in your home you could easily crush it with your index finger. The better decision, however, is to determine from whence the ant came. Any crack in your home’s exterior can provide an entry point for these pests, so looking for other ants or nearby infiltration points can help you pinpoint the problem. Commercial ant baits are usually pretty effective, but you have to know where to place them.

Once You Track the Ant to the Source Eliminate the Source and the Entry Point

Obviously if you know where ants are entering, do whatever you can to seal that entry point. Your house, with its stable environment and ready supply of food makes for an appealing new home. Keep your home’s exterior sealed to prevent entry. Beyond that, to truly rid yourself of the threat, you’ll have to eliminate the ant colony. This is where you may want to turn to a professional for help.

Need the Assistance of a Professional to Stop Ants?

Carmel Valley Pest Control is your answer. The experts at Carmel Valley Pest Control can eliminate current problems and prevent new ones from cropping up. You may have gotten the ants out of your home, but if they’re populating right outside, it’s only a matter of time before they come back. Trust Carmel Valley to rid your property of the pests. For help with ants, contact Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838, (760) 736-8838, or (888) 989-8838.