Help! I Have Mosquitoes In My Yard!

mosquitoIf you are tired of not being able to sit outside and watch the beautiful summer sunsets, or enjoy the fall foliage because the mosquitos won’t leave you alone, there are some things you can do to rid your yard of those nasty pests. If you are relying on many of the common methods to keep mosquitos off your skin such as hoping the birds and bats will reduce the population, wearing chemical wristbands, or lighting citronella candles, none them are truly reliable. Instead, try some of the methods below, but if you are still yelling, “Help! I have mosquitos in my yard!” give us a call!

Why People Don’t Like Mosquitos

People don’t like mosquitos because they bite, and the bite they leave is itchy and uncomfortable. But mosquitos are also a dreaded pest, especially this year, because of the viruses they can transmit, including the West Nile virus, the chikungunya, and now the Zika virus. Mosquitos can be hard to control because they lay their eggs in water. They only need enough water to fill a tiny bottle cap in which they can lay up to 200 eggs. So, if you’re freaking out because you have mosquitos, here are some ways to help eliminate them:

  • Be aware of any place or anything that can collect water.
  • The water in drip trays under your flower pots, as well as bird baths should be changed regularly.
  • If you have a drip pan under your air conditioner check it for water.
  • Turn boats, canoes, or kayaks upside down to keep them from collecting water.
  • Keep trash bins covered to keep out rain water.
  • Be aware of holes in tree stumps that can collect water.
  • Fix any outdoor faucets and/or hoses that leak.
  • Do not keep old tires, buckets, tin cans, or anything that can catch rainwater on your property.
  • Check your property for puddles of standing water.
  • Make sure rain water can drain away from your property freely.
  • Check your gutters.
  • Keep pool tarps or tarps over firewood dry.
  • Keep all house screens in good repair.


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