Help I Think I Have Bats!


Shrouded in mystery and evil, these sinister creatures of the night stalk prey while the rest of us sleep unknowingly in our beds. They can transform and suck the blood from poor, unsuspecting victims. Bats truly are demonic beings! Not quite. You’re hopefully at a point in your life where you don’t believe Dracula is lurking behind the blind eyes of every winged mammal. Even if you are a rational person, you may still have some misconceptions about bats. Not every bat has rabies — a common fear about the nocturnal pests. Further, bats don’t generally associate with humans, making it unlikely that you’d end up handling them anyway. There are still reasons to be concerned with bat infestations in the home, but none of them merit carving out a wooden stake.

Bat Droppings Can Foster Harmful Fungi

Generally speaking, droppings are nasty, and not just for sensory reasons. Animal droppings are some of the most microbe rich environments imaginable. Bats, which tend to move in large colonies, can amass quite an amount of these microbial hotbeds. Histoplasma capsulatum, a fungus, is one such microbe that can flourish in this environment. Fungal spores can be inhaled by humans, causing lung disease in high enough volumes.

Nocturnal Activity Can Get Annoying

Bats are nocturnal: they’re awake while you’re asleep and vice versa. Given that a large group of bats going about their nightly routine can make a noticeable amount of noise, you can see where this gets problematic. The sounds of scratching, squeaking, and flapping consistently reminding you that you may have a live creature on the other side of the wall doesn’t exactly act as calming white noise.

Further, while not all bats have rabies, the ones that do don’t always show signs of disease. If you need bats removed from your home, don’t do it yourself.

If You Think You Have Bats, Seek the Help of a Professional

Like many other pests, bat infestations are best prevented by sealing every possible entry to your home. Once bats are in the home however, you’ll need a professional to help extricate you of their presence. This prevents any chance that you come in contact with the pest, and will greatly expedite the process.

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