carmel valley pest control

Controlling Your Pest Problems

To help slow the spread of the COVID-19, people in our community are staying in and sheltering in place. Spending more time at home means many are noticing they may suffer from a bit of a pest problem. Fortunately, Carmel Valley Pest Control is here to help! Learn more about our pest control plans, and how to make your home a less inviting place for everything from termites to mice.

Our Pest Control Process

When you call us, we will thoroughly inspect your property, whether residential or commercial, to assess the presence of pests and the extent of your problem. The next step is to create a treatment plan to target and remove these insects and rodents from your home and property. The plan may include Exterior Protection, such as chemical barriers and rodent bait stations place around the exterior of your property to help defend your house and prevent unwanted guests from accessing your home. We also have Direct Contact, in which we apply chemicals directly to the source of the problem, killing pests. Our team also offers treatment plans to include regular spraying and bait stations to help safeguard your home and keep pests at bay!

Making Your Home Uninviting

As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you can take a few steps to help shore up your home or building’s defenses against issues like rats, roaches, termites, or ants. For example, if you notice any cracks or crevices in the exterior of your home or foundation, make sure you seal them. This closes easy pathways to your home. Take a look at your garage, basement, or attic. If you have stacks of newspapers or magazines, paper bags, or cardboard boxes, these all make great shelters for insects, rodents, and arachnids. A little cleaning and maintenance, and plastic storage containers, can help keep them homeless.

You also help by denying them easy meals! Make sure your trash cans, indoor and outdoor, are sealed and shut. Empty them often. If you cook or make a snack, wipe down the counter and get rid of any crumbs on the counters or the floor. Make sure your food is securely stored in sealed containers. Don’t leave any foods or drinks sitting out overnight. Make sure your dishes are cleaned regularly.

Since pests of all stripes thrive in moisture, make sure dishes aren’t left out overnight in the sink, and fix water leaks and plumbing issues. These steps no only help fight unwanted bugs or rats, but also protects the integrity of your home too!


If you find yourself faced with a pest problem, let us know! Our team is following our state’s guidelines and rules to help protect homes and commercial properties. You can contact Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838.