A Guide to Termite Prevention and Treatment

A Guide to Termite Prevention and Treatment

Termites are a threat that no homeowner wants to face. Termite infestations cost homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. That’s because termites feed on the very thing holding your home together. You don’t want to see your home destroyed by these pesky bugs. The best way to deal with termites is to prevent them from ever getting inside your home. If you fail to prevent termites, there are still treatment options to get rid of them. This week’s blog serves as a brief guide to termite prevention and treatment.

Pest Control Providers Prevent Termites

There are a few different ways to minimize your risk for termite infestation. The main way you can do this is to arrange service from a pest control provider. Pest control professionals can spray the perimeter of your home to form a chemical barrier that keeps termites out. Having a professional examine your home for any signs of termites once a year is a great way to give yourself peace of mind. There are also material choices you can make when building or renovating your home to reduce your termite risk. Pressure-treated lumber and concrete keep termites out.

If Termites Get In, Fumigation Treatment Can Eliminate Them

If termites do get inside your home, you’ll want to contact a pest control professional quickly. Termites aren’t inclined to leave under their own power, so until you seek help, the problem will only get worse. Fumigation treatment can eliminate termites from your home. Fumigation uses a gas that can penetrate the layers of your home to kill termites. Fumigation takes preparation on the homeowner’s part, and you’ll have to leave your home for a few days, but it’s the most effective way to be sure that you’ve eliminated the entire termite population. Leaving termites behind can allow them to repopulate.

Look for the Signs of Termite Damage

The sooner you spot your termite problem, the better. Termites are tiny bugs, so seeing one isn’t very likely. Instead, you’re more likely to notice signs of damage or digging around your home. If you notice tiny mud tubes in the ground near the perimeter of your home, this may be where the termites are digging and entering. If you notice hollow-sounding wood in your home, or small pinholes in drywall or wallpaper, this may be the work of termites. Small piles of frass or wings inside can also be an indicator that it’s time to call a professional.

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