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Will Heat Treatment Remove Termites?

Will Heat Treatment Remove Termites?

Termites are one of the greatest and scariest threats that you face as a homeowner. These pests are nearly everywhere, they’re very difficult to see, and they feast on your home itself. While other pests can be annoying and potentially hazardous, termites can destroy your home from the inside out. If you notice a termite problem or an inspection reveals one, you’ll want to take action as quickly as possible. The longer you fail to address your termite problem, the more damage your home will sustain. You have a couple of options when treating your home for termites. Heat spot treatment is one such option, but will heat treatment remove the termites?

Heat Treatment Is a Spot Treatment, and It’s Not Always 100% Effective

Heat treatment works how you would imagine that it does: A heating unit heats the target area in your home and kills the termites living inside. This is an alternative to fumigating your home, which requires you to evacuate and treat the entire home. Heat treatment only targets the area that is heated, but that means that it can only kill termites in that target area. If your heat treatment doesn’t kill the entire termite population, or the suspected target area isn’t the only spot with termites, the pest colony can repopulate, and rather quickly. Then you’ll still have a termite problem to deal with.

Heat Treatment Can Also Cause Damage to Your Home

The other drawback of heat treating for termites is that you’re using a high-powered heat element. While it can kill termites, it can also potentially cause damage to your home — splitting boards and causing cracks in the walls. This risk, for a treatment that may not get the job done, is too great for many homeowners. Fumigation provides a much more comprehensive form of treatment.

Carmel Valley Pest Control Administers Home Fumigation

Preparing for home fumigation is more involved than heat treatment, but termites are too great a threat to take a risk. Home fumigation uses gas to kill termites throughout the entire home — eliminating the threat and giving you peace of mind. The experts at Carmel Valley Pest Control provide home fumigation service. Learn more about the fumigation process by contacting Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838, (760) 736-8838, or (888) 989-8838.


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