What Is A Potato Bug

What Is A Potato Bug?

There is such a thing as a potato bug, and although they are known to eat potatoes, they also survive on other bugs, decaying plant matter, and roots of plants.  Potato bug is actually another name for a Jerusalem cricket. A Jerusalem cricket can be scary looking, especially because they are almost two inches long, and have a big head, and black beady eyes. Potato bugs are not an insect that you want in your house, not only because they are big and scary, but because if they are cornered, or picked up, they can deliver a painful, but non-venomous bite.

More About Potato Bugs

Potato bugs, or Jerusalem crickets, are wingless insects that hop, are yellowish-brown in color, and make a scratching or hissing sound. Yeah, creepy. Although they prefer flowerbeds, gardens, and the underside of rocks and logs, when it becomes extremely hot and dry, they will seek out dark places inside your home. They are found in the deserts of the southwest, the western states, and along the Pacific coast.

Tips to Reduce Potato Bugs Around Your Home

There are a few ways you can reduce the chance of attracting Jerusalem crickets around your house which include:

  • Removing rocks
  • Removing lumber, logs, or woodpiles
  • By moving mulch away from the foundation of your house (a few inches) to create a “dry zone”
  • By ensuring that openings are tightly sealed (replace missing or damaged weather-stripping, seal cracks, etc.)
  • Running your sprinklers, or watering, in the morning so your grass and landscaping dry throughout the day
  • Applying a liquid insecticide along the outside of your foundation
  • Calling us, your local pest control professionals, if all else fails!


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