Put Your Bed Bug Fears to Rest

Put Your Bed Bug Fears to Rest

You’ve got plenty of things to keep you awake at night — a mortgage, kids, noisy neighbors — so the last thing you need is a pest hampering your sleep cycle. That’s the exact problem bed bugs present however. These parasitic pests can hide out in mattress cracks and crevasses and bite you when you’re most vulnerable. Bed bugs’ ubiquity creates a difficult situation. You may unintentionally bring bed bugs into your home from the outside. Once inside, the pests can multiply quickly, and their long lifespan (relative to most bugs) means they won’t just die off. You’ll have to confront this problem. Here are some detection and prevention tips to help put your bed bug fears to rest.

Prevent Bed Bugs With a Mattress Cover or Encasement

As with any pest, the best way to save yourself hassle is by preventing the pests from ever entering the home. A bed bug proof mattress or encasement can keep the critters from taking up residence in your bed. Removing clutter from the home and regularly washing your clothes (especially after a trip) can help keep the bugs at bay as well. Since bed bugs multiply at a quick rate, a small problem can balloon into a catastrophe quickly. So keep your eye out for key signs, and detect the problem as early as possible.

Look for Signs of Bed Bugs

Most people realize they may have a bed bug problem when they wake up with red bites on their bodies. While this is definitely a mark of bed bugs, red inflammation can be caused by a number of sources. You should also keep your eye out for the bugs themselves. Check under your sheets in the cracks and crevasses of your mattress. You may also find bug husks, shedded skin from maturing bed bugs. Finally, you may notice stains on your mattress from the bugs’ defecation. Once you notice the pest’s presence, it’s time to act.

Ready to Put Your Bed Bug Fears to Rest?

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