Fumigation Is the Effective Termite Cure

Fumigation Is the Effective Termite Cure

Termite damage creates a huge burden for homeowners. A termite infestation can cost a single homeowner tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Once inside your home, termites will continue to wreak havoc until you remove all of them. While spot treatments are advertised as a method for killing termites at a concentrated source, this method is not nearly as effective as fumigation. Fumigation is the termite cure that can rid the entire population from your house. In today’s blog, we cover fumigation basics and how to prepare your home for treatment.

If You Have Termites, You Need to Act Quickly

Termites are tiny bugs that feed on the very materials that make up your home. Once termites get inside your walls, they can eat away at support beams, studs, and drywall. You may notice tiny holes in your wall, marks that look like water damage, and your walls may sound hollow if you tap on them. Until you take action to remove all of the termites, this damage will spread and worsen. Fumigation is a process that uses gas to kill termites. By sealing the entire property, you can be sure that the gas will permeate the walls and reach all of the pests.

Fumigation vs Heat Treatment

Spot treatment uses a heating fan to increase the temperature in a concentrated area to a level that will cause termites to die. This can kill the termites that it effects, but that’s the tricky part. The heating element may not reach all of the termites in the colony. If there are termites left alive after treatment, they can repopulate and start causing problems again. Furthermore, heat treatment can damage the furniture and structure of the house where the treatment is being applied. Fumigation is used to treat the entire property at once.

Preparing Your Home for Fumigation

Because fumigation uses a gas to kill the termites, there are some steps that you need to take as a homeowner before beginning this treatment. First, you’ll need to be sure that everyone is out of the home. That includes people and pets. You need to make sure that the gas will be shut off at your home before treatment and restored afterward. You’ll also want to hold your mail and make arrangements to park your cars elsewhere. You’ll also want to notify your neighbors that you are preparing for fumigation so that they can be ready too.

Fumigation Treatment with Carmel Valley Pest Control

If your home is suffering from a termite infestation, talk to our team at Carmel Valley Pest Control. We can schedule fumigation treatment to get rid of the pests. We also offer annual termite agreements, during which we will evaluate your home for termites and use a preventive spray to keep them away. To work with Carmel Valley Pest Control, contact us in Carmel Valley, CA, today at 858-350-8838.