Don’t Go Into the Attic Let Us Do It

Don’t Go Into the Attic! (Let Us Do It)

In horror movies, the attic is often where things start going wrong for the ill-fated homeowners. There’s always some sort of horrifying relic or haunt in the attic that soon unleashes terror on the rest of the home. The attic can be a real source fright for you too, but not because of ghosts or monsters. For most homeowners, the attic is not some place they frequent, but it can become home to pests. When rodents or bats crawl into the attic and set up shop, they can create biological hazards and do damage. If you’re having problems with your attic, don’t go it alone, you have an expert to help.

Pest Droppings Can Create a Biological Hazard in Your Attic

There are a number of reasons why pests living inside your attic is a problem, and one of the major reasons is that they create a biological hazard. When pests leave droppings behind, these droppings may be carrying harmful bacteria. With an aggregate of droppings, that bacteria can become airborne and travel through your home. This creates a breathing hazard for your family that you’ll surely want to avoid. Further still, if the pests living in your attic die in there, they’ll start to create a smell and an additional biological hazard.

Pests Can Also Do Damage In Your Attic

Depending on the wiring and infrastructure of your home, pests may also be able to do some serious damage while in the attic of your home. Rodents are natural chewers, and left to their own devices, they can go to town on wiring and the wooden supports that hold your home together. Fixing this damage after the fact can be costly, so it’s always better to find and get rid of pests as early as possible. If you start to notice the signs of rodents in your attic (scurrying or chewing noises, especially at night), then reach out to an expert right away.

Going Into Your Attic Alone Can Get Scary

The idea of getting into your attic on your own to deal with a pest problem can be scary (even without any haunting at play). The attic might be a place you rarely access, and trying to trap or handle live animals is a frightening prospect. You don’t want to risk injury to yourself or others in the process. That’s why you have a pest control expert on your side. Trust your pest control team to safely access the attic and remove pests from your home. They can also assess the biological hazard or damage and clean that up too.

Carmel Valley Pest Control Will Keep Your Attic Safe

Don’t try to handle a pest control situation in your attic on your own. The team at Carmel Valley Pest Control is prepared to help you deal with pesky rodents and keep your home safe. To schedule service for your home, contact Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838, (760) 736-8838, or (888) 989-8838.