Do You Like Spiders?

Do You Like Spiders

Do you like spiders? Probably not. Not many people do. They have too many legs. Some of them are hairy, and all of them are scary. Okay, okay, so like every other living thing, the spider has its place (which is usually all over the place) and benefits the environment by controlling insect populations. However, you certainly do not want your house overrun by them or any other creepy crawler, and that’s where we come in. It can be difficult to keep your house free from unwelcome species no matter how natural or helpful they can be. If you don’t want spiders and other creepy crawlers in your humble abode, call us, we can help!

Some Information About Spiders

While most spiders, of which there are more than 30,000 species, cannot inflict serious bites because their mouthparts are not strong enough to pierce human skin–or if they can pierce your skin, their venom is toxic only to specific prey–some spiders can bite and cause skin lesions, systemic illnesses, and neurotoxicity due to their toxic venom. The most common spider bites are from the widow species (Latrodectus), which within 30-minutes to 2-hours results in muscle spasms and rigidity beginning at the bite site. Another common bite is from the recluse spider (Loxosceles species) which are most common in the early morning. Although the bite of the recluse spider is initially painless, they usually progress to ulcerating dermonecrosis at the bite site.

However, spider bites can be prevented easily by specific management. Need help, call us!


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