Can You Treat Your Yard for Ticks?


California has many different kinds of ticks, but only six of these types are known to bite humans. Ticks are tiny and they can spread disease. They attach themselves to animals and humans and feed by sucking their blood for several days at a time. While they are feeding, they can transmit diseases to their host. Ticks are found in high grass, forests, and other naturally vegetated areas, including your yard. Can you treat your yard for ticks?

Treating Your Yard For Ticks

Simply put, ticks are difficult to control. You can treat the areas around your house, but that doesn’t guarantee that they won’t invade the treated area from areas beyond. Not only can your pets carry ticks from outside the treated area into your yard, so can rabbits, mice, and other small animals, and you can, too.

To reduce ticks around the outside of your home, keep your grass cut short and remove plants that may be food for small animals. This will help limit animals that could be carrying ticks in the area. Call your local pest control company to have your yard sprayed for ticks. The deer tick, now called the blacklegged tick, is the primary carrier of Lyme disease. The nymphs are known to do most of the infecting and are found on the ground, in the turf, or in the ground cover on the edge of the forest and in the woods.

Call Your Local Pest Control

Call your local pest control company to have them treat your yard for ticks. Once treated, people and pets should stay off of the treated surface until it is dry. Treatment may have to be reapplied periodically due to the effects of the weather.

A Couple Of Tips

When outdoors in the spring, apply insect repellent to your, and your families, socks and pants, and be sure to inspect everyone after they frequent areas which could be infested.

Don’t Get Bit By A Tick. Call Your Local Pest Control Company.

If you’re worried about ticks infesting your yard, and infecting your family, schedule an appointment with Carmel Valley Pest Control, in Carmel Valley, CA, today by calling (858) 350-8838, (760) 736-8838, or (888) 989-8838.