A September Cool Down Is Good for Pests

A September Cool Down Is Good For Pests

Who loves the heat? We’re not talking about warm weather, but rather that hot, sticky malaise that seems to come every summer. If you don’t love the conditions outdoors, pests don’t either. That’s why you may find pests trying to enter your home in search of cooler, more predictable conditions. As the weather cools down in September, the conditions outside get better for everyone, including pests. While they may not have the motivation to get into your home to avoid weather, pests like bugs can proliferate with a slightly cooler temperature. That means a greater number of pests, and they still have a reason to want inside.

Cooler Average Temperature Means More Activity Outdoors

You’ll notice that pests like mosquitos are most active at dusk and dawn. This is when the temperature is most hospitable to metabolic activity. A cooler average temperature across the board means more time for outdoor activity for these pests. You’ll be more likely to run into these pests when you yourself go outside, but these pests will also stay active throughout the day, giving them more opportunities to wander inside.

Pests Are Always on the Hunt for Resources, Wherever They Can Find Them

Shelter and a stable temperature aren’t the only reasons that pests come calling. Pests are looking for easy access to all necessary resources. If you have available food sources around your home — from crumbs, leaving food unwrapped, or leaving garbage uncovered — pests will certainly see that as an inviting environment. The same goes for water. Leaving water in dishes, or a leak that leaves a small puddle in the basement — these are issues that may increase the likelihood that you find pests indoors.

Make Sure Your Home Is Pest-Proof This Fall

Pests will always exist. The best thing you can do to avoid dealing with them is take preventive measures with your home. Check for any easy entry points around the exterior, make sure you don’t leave food unwrapped, and work with your pest control expert to spray and monitor the property for pests. Carmel Valley Pest Control will work with you to keep pests out of your way and out of your home. Contact Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838.