2 Reasons Why You Need Professional Pest Control



Your home is meant to be a safe, comfortable space for you and your family, but to keep it this way you clean, organize, keep up with repairs, and keep it well stocked with food, toiletries, etc.  One major way to keep your home clean and safe, that many people overlook, is pest control. You don’t want people invading your home uninvited, and you don’t want pests to either! Pests can run the gamut from ants and termites, to spiders, to bats and squirrels. Keep them all out of your home with professional pest services.

Pests Can Cause Disease

Pests live outdoors for a reason; they can be dangerous to humans and even cause disease. Here are some examples:

Spiders: Some spider bites can be dangerous and even life-threatening

Roaches: Roaches can spread germs and disease by defecating, leaving behind hair and dead skin, and spreading bacteria and other germs from their gut by crawling over plates and utensils that you eat off of, or even opened food. Their presence in your home may also exacerbate asthma symptoms or cause allergies.

Rats: Rat scratches or bites can result in diseases such as rat-bite fever, and rat urine can spread leptospirosis.

Pests Can Cause Damage

Insects and rodents not only can cause disease or physical harm to you and your family, they also cause damage to your home. Here are some examples:

Mice and rats: These rodents can and do contaminate food which means possibly wasting hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries. They can also gnaw through aluminum siding, wood, and cinder blocks.

Termites: Termites can cause extreme amounts of damage to your home by eating away at supporting beams undetected.

Bats: Bats can carry rabies, and unless you capture the bat and have it tested, your family may have to undergo a regimen of rabies vaccines.

Don’t risk damage to your family or your home, call us today!


Don’t allow pests take over your home or business, let Carmel Valley Pest Control, inspect your residential or commercial property. Highly qualified and licensed, we can give you advice, set up a regular maintenance schedule (if you so desire), and provide effective treatments to keep your home or business in one piece! And we’re not just pest people, we have over 15 years of experience in interior home and business renovation. Whether you need our pest, termite, or renovation services, our focus is on customer satisfaction. Call us today at (858) 350-8838, (760) 736-8838, or (888) 989-8838.