Do Pigeons Rule Your Roost?

Who Rules The Roost Part 1

While many species of birds are beneficial, others can be harmful to your home, property, and health. One type of bird that often becomes considered a pest is the pigeon. Pigeons are similar to ants or cockroaches. When you see one, you know there are more. Don’t let pigeons rule your roost. After all, your home is your castle; perhaps you should protect it as one. Read on to find out how to reclaim your home when pigeons have become pests.

When A Bird Turns From Friend To Fiend

Birds can be pretty, sound pretty, and be fun to watch, but when they begin to overrun your property they are no longer friends, but fiends. Birds can carry and spread diseases or ectoparasites that affect humans such as cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis. Bird proofing becomes highly recommended when:

  • There are more than a few of them
  • They nest or roost around your home, business, or other human habitations
  • They create undue noise, droppings, odor, and leave behind feathers
  • They destroy vegetation and contaminate foods
  • They damage your home with droppings, or by pecking at it (woodpeckers may peck at your home looking for insects)
  • They feed on your agricultural products
  • They cause hazardous working conditions


What To Do

The average household or business is not usually equipped to control bird populations. Birds are especially mobile, usually in the air, and their nests are high, providing many challenges for most people and businesses to deal with. If your home or business is being overrun by birds it is best to rely on a professional pest control company to help control or eradicate them. Professional pest control companies have several humane bird control methods to bird proof your home or help discourage bird populations from congregating on municipal and commercial buildings.


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