The Worst Insect Pests for Homeowners

The Worst Insect Pests for Homeowners

Insects are tiny, but they can populate areas quickly and become a nuisance for homeowners. Different insect pests can affect different areas of your home and cause problems for different reasons. If insects invade your pantry, they can destroy food supplies and contaminate products. If insects take up residence in your bedroom, they can be difficult to remove. Some insects will even guard your home like it’s their own. In today’s blog, we cover the worst insect pests for homeowners. We’ll leave termites out for now, since they’re in a category of their own.

Bed Bugs Are a Nightmare in Your Bedroom

Bed bugs are a household pest that no homeowner wants to encounter. Bed bugs typically make their way into your home by sticking to clothing, hitching a ride in a suitcase, or attaching themselves to your pets. Once inside, bed bugs will hide where it’s dark. They can hide under your bed, out of sight for up to two weeks between feeding. Making matters worse, they feed on blood, so they’ll bite you while you sleep. Getting rid of bed bugs is especially tricky, and if you fail to remove the entire population, they can come back and attack again.

Wasps Think Your Home Is Theirs

Territorial pests can become dangerous because they will get aggressive to defend their home. That’s all well and good when an insect colony is in a field or forest somewhere, but when a pest colony builds their home on top of yours, it becomes a problem. Wasps look for existing structures when building their nests. They like the cover of worn wood, hanging gutters, and covered porches. Once wasps build their nest, they will see humans coming and going as threats that need to be addressed! Wasp spray can control these pests in many cases, but for serious infestations, you should call the pros.

Some Bugs Are After Your Pantry

If you host guests at your home, you’ll probably be inclined to offer them some food and beverages. It’s a polite thing to do. If those guests are uninvited, like a horde of insects, you probably don’t want to share your food with them. Pests like weevils don’t ask if they can share your food, they just help themselves. Unlike ants, who are scavenging for a way to get full, weevils will even lay their eggs in your food. Newly hatched pests will dine on the food supplies and grow up to cause even more havoc for your home.

Contact Carmel Valley Pest Control About Insect Pests

Some minor pest problems can be addressed with home remedies. When insects take over some aspect of your home though, you should call the pros. Our team at Carmel Valley Pest Control is ready to address all kinds of pest problems around your home. Contact our team about pest control service by calling Carmel Valley Pest Control in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838.

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