Make Sure You’re Saving Money on Utilities

By MDPM Consulting | March 12, 2020

Make Sure You’re Saving Money On Utilities As a homeowner, you have a list of monthly costs that you have to account for. Those include your mortgage and homeowner’s insurance, which are likely fixed costs. You also have variable costs like utilities. The good news about these variable costs is that you can take steps…

Is Your Home Maintenance Checklist Ready?

By MDPM Consulting | March 5, 2020

Is Your Home Maintenance Checklist Ready? If you’re a homeowner, you understand the financial commitment you’ve made. Jumping through hoops on the way to your home purchase can feel tedious, but in the end, it’s all worth it. You have a place to call your own, where you can grow as a family and make…

The Worst Insect Pests for Homeowners

By MDPM Consulting | February 27, 2020

Carmel Valley Pest Control Carmel ValleyPest Control The Worse Insect Pests Insects are tiny, but they can populate areas quickly and become a nuisance for homeowners. Different insect pests can affect different areas of your home and cause problems for different reasons. If insects invade your pantry, they can destroy food supplies and contaminate products.…

Are Birds Considered Pests?

By MDPM Consulting | February 20, 2020

Carmel Valley Pest Control Carmel ValleyPest Control Are Birds Considered Pests? When you think of pests, your mind probably turns to rodents, insects, and termites. These are common types of pests that will work their way inside your home, cause structural damage, and may even pose biological hazards. You probably don’t necessarily think of birds…

How Are Ants Behaving in Your Home?

By MDPM Consulting | February 13, 2020

How Are Ants Behaving In Your Home? No homeowner wants to find out that their home is being infested by ants. Ants are difficult to control, they can multiply quickly, and they can also ruin food and beverage supplies. No homeowner wants to find out they have ants, but it’s worse to have ants and…

Home Renovation Considerations Beyond Cost and Timeline

By MDPM Consulting | February 6, 2020

Carmel Valley Pest Control Carmel ValleyPest Control Home Renovation Considerations Home renovation projects are exciting (at least they start out that way) because they present the opportunity to improve an aspect of your home. This can in turn improve your lifestyle while living in your home. If you make an addition that increases the amount…

Beware of These Ideal Conditions for Termites

By MDPM Consulting | January 30, 2020

Carmel Valley Pest Control Carmel ValleyPest Control Beware Of These Conditions For Termites Termites are the most fear-inducing pests that homeowners face. While other pests may cause potential biohazards, no pest does as much damage as quickly as termites. Termite colonies can populate and repopulate areas quickly. They feed on the very thing that holds…

Do You Trust Your Home Inspection Service?

By MDPM Consulting | January 23, 2020

If you’re a realtor, you understand the value of being able to move quickly. Desirable homes can enter and leave the market in an instant, and if you want to help your clients find the home that’s right for them, you have to give them every advantage possible. One part of the process that often…

The Environment Around Your Home Encourages Pests

By MDPM Consulting | January 16, 2020

Many pest control problems come to the attention of homeowners once the pests get inside. A line of ants marching toward your pantry or the sound of bats scratching in the fireplace creates an immediate need for action. However, most pest control issues start well before the pests get inside. Yes, pests need an opening…

The Best Pest Control Methods for Roaches Are Preventive

By MDPM Consulting | January 9, 2020

While they may not be the most dangerous or most damaging pest threat to your home, roaches are certainly one of the grossest. The sight of a roach makes some people squeamish, and the idea of an infestation building up your home is upsetting. The best pest control methods for roaches are preventive. If you…

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Donna B

Carmel valley pest is the best Pest service we have ever had. They completely irradicated our ant problem and helped us rid our attic of rats and mice. We live near a wooded area so our home is very susceptible. Every time we call them they come out promptly and solve our problems quickly for a reasonable cost. They are really experts. We highly recommend them.

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Carmel Valley Pest was very friendly and professsional, we booked our appointment with Tina over the phone and she answered all of my questions and concerns. Joe came out to spray and was the same way. We havn't seen any spiders since the spray. I will definitely use their services again.

Amy G

Edgar and his team were terrific! Extremely professional and did quality work.