Do You Have Termites?

Do You Have Termites

When you own a home or other type of building you hear a lot about termites, but have you ever seen them? What do they look like? How do you know if you have termites? There are some tell-tale signs associated with termite infestation such as piles of wings (yes, wings), and damaged wood. If you think you may have termites you should contact a professional. If you are trying to determine if you have termites, here are some things to look for.

What They Look Like

Subterranean termites are wood eating pests. Colonies can consist of over a million termites, and there are several “castes.” Only two of those casts do homeowners generally come into contact with: the worker and the swarmer. Worker termites are a pale, creamy colored insect about 3-4 mm long, usually found inside wood. Swarmers termites do the reproducing. They are much darker–dark brown or black–about 4 mm in length, and can be seen with or without their wings. Their wings fall off soon after they emerge from the colony.

Checking for Infestation

When checking for infestation you will need a good, strong flashlight, and a screwdriver. If you are going to enter crawl spaces you will probably want to wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants, or coveralls. Examine possible trouble spots very closely. Piles of wings indicate definite termite activity.
Termite damage can often be determined by probing wood with a screwdriver, knife, or other sharp instrument. Inspect the following areas for swarmers, wing piles, and mud tubes:
• Any wood such as window sills, basement window frames, sub floors, joists, supporting posts and piers, crawl spaces, and wooden porches
• Hollow blocks, cracks in cement or brick, and expansion joints
• Exterior wooden window frames
• Fence posts
• Scrap wood and old tree stumps

If you notice termite activity, give us a call!


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