Are Birds Considered Pests

Are Birds Considered Pests?

When you think of pests, your mind probably turns to rodents, insects, and termites. These are common types of pests that will work their way inside your home, cause structural damage, and may even pose biological hazards. You probably don’t necessarily think of birds when you think of pests, but certain kinds of birds can pose the same types of problems. Bird droppings can be corrosive and carry biological threats within. Birds themselves can also carry disease, and they can become a physical nuisance on your property. Look out for these types of pest birds.

House Sparrows Cause Trouble Around the Property

House sparrows are a common bird pest that is not native to the US. The high-pitched cheeping becomes very annoying, but it’s hardly the worst thing that these pests do. They run amok in gardens and can ruin produce that you may be growing. They’re also an aggressive bird, which can cause other birds that are more helpful and pleasant to stay away. They like to build their nests on buildings, which can attract secondary pests and cause damage to the exterior of your property

European Starling Droppings Can Damage Property

European Starlings are another type of bird that prefer worms, but will happily feed on fruit in trees or any exposed trash. If your gutters are clogged, European Starlings will take the opportunity to access some easy drinking water. When roosting in flocks, the droppings of European Starlings can cause damage to property and become a biohazard. Their droppings can even contaminate soil and spread disease through absorption. This makes them particularly unappealing in a rural setting. 

Pigeons Carry Disease and Other Pests

Pigeons are the most commonly thought of pest bird in the country. They’re called “rats with wings” by some, and it’s not a matter of appearance. Like rats, pigeons can carry disease and filth with them. Pigeons rely on humans to feed them in most cases, so they will flock to any exposed food source. Pigeons can transmit all kinds of airborne diseases and even food poisoning. They can cause damage with their volume and habits. Furthermore, they carry other pests like fleas, lice, and ticks.

Call Carmel Valley Pest Control to Corral Pests on Your Property

If you’ve got a problem with bird pests on your property, call Carmel Valley Pest Control. In addition to damaging your property, birds can also pose a health risk that you don’t want your family exposed to. Our pest control professionals not only treat the current issue on your property, but they will also determine preventive actions that you can take to prevent pest outbreaks from recurring. To schedule service from Carmel Valley Pest Control, contact our office in Carmel Valley, CA, today at (858) 350-8838.

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